After the new genesis ducks and the achievements we are excited to announce the final DIP-3 update — the rebirth! And a little baby duck spoiler will follow.

We have thoroughly revised the rebirth mechanics compared to what was described in the DIP-3 plans. As a result, the rebirth conditions became more profitable; moreover, we’ve added a nice bonus. Now the players can send any of their duck to rebirth, so it will exit the game leaving a chance for one of the bonuses.

You can send any of your ducks to rebirth immediately! Just choose the one you don’t…

Many achievements will go to the first ducks in the game, but there will surely be the lucky ones among the new. Hurry up and take a look at your farm: what achievements can your ducks boast? If only their serial numbers appeared, don’t get upset, soon we’ll introduce a new “Rebirth” feature to make your ducks even cooler!

The unique achievements will make your ducks more precious. Though they currently work as collectibles only, we’re planning extra bonuses for the achievers through other gameplay mechanics.

Hi Waves community,

The summer holiday season has started, and Waves Digest is also going on holiday until the fall. We hope that the Waves community will have good rest and a lot of fun this summer, as there are plenty of opportunities.

The current high number of Waves Ducks players was largely achieved thanks to early users who, in addition to getting actively involved in the game, helped to generate substantial word of mouth, enabling the project to cross a 6,000 user milestone. To continue stimulating this kind of activity, Waves Ducks is launching a referral program.

Each of the game’s users will be able to get a referral link and share it with friends, acquaintances and subscribers, collecting rewards for actions of each attracted users.

At the initial stage of the referral program, the referrer will receive 5% of all EGG…

Ducks are valuable and unique NFTs. This proposal aims at increasing the uniqueness of each character in the game, broadening ducks’ functionality and limiting reproduction of each gene.

As the Waves Ducks game chugs along, more and more new-generation ducks arrive. But users shouldn’t forget that each duck is a valuable and unique NFT. This Duck Improvement Proposal is supposed to increase the value of 7,400 characters currently in the game.

Genesis duck rotation

At the start of the game, two types of genesis ducks were available, Elon (gene A) and Satoshi (gene B), which were produced by the incubator with equal probability…

The new section, My Farm, will enable players to use NFT ducks for collecting passive income. This tool will be especially attractive for the earliest farmers who will be able to get the highest APY.

This is what all Waves Ducks players have been waiting for! A month after the birth of the first NFT ducks, the process went full cycle, and these ducks will be able to lay EGGs for their owners. Users can already take advantage of the farming functionality on, staking their NFTs and immediately beginning to collect passive income in EGG.

How much can you…

Hi Waves community,

We are thrilled to introduce the May issue of our monthly digest, from which you’ll learn about the Waves ecosystem’s major news and updates.

May wasn’t a very good month for the crypto community. Following several months of growth, bitcoin’s exchange rate dipped, dragging with it the entire crypto sector. However, we at Waves Tech have always been focused on tech advancements and mass adoption of blockchain solutions rather than market speculation.

Therefore, despite any fluctuations in the markets, we are staying focused on our projects and products, continually improving them, adding functionalities and launching new innovative…

This article explains the EGG token’s mechanics in the Waves Ducks game, complementing the Duck Paper and sealing its status as a GRU (Governance, Reward and Utility) token with a deflationary model.

EGG was conceived as an answer to the question “duck or egg?”, primarily enabling players to hatch a new NFT character. But, as the game mechanics developed, it acquired more functions. Currently, EGG is used for farming rewards, payment for farm improvements and as the game’s governance token.

Let’s look into the specifics of its distribution and pricing.

EGG distribution

Out of the total supply of 1 mln EGG, in…

The Waves-based game for collectors of NFT ducks has already gained popularity: over 4,000 NFT ducks have been issued, while players are waiting for the release of NFT farming, a key update in the duck world, scheduled for mid-June.

Today, the project’s team is launching another major service, which will help players to increase their collections and prepare for the farming functionality launch — the NFT marketplace.

Fully built on smart contracts in the Ride language, the marketplace will facilitate auctions for exclusive NFT ducks. This functionality is already available on …

In the first week following the launch of, users issued over 3,200 duck characters, locking more than $390,000 in EGG tokens in the smart contract. The project’s team continues to improve the game mechanics, proposing a new functionality: NFT duck farming with an APY of 300% to 5,000%.

The Duck Paper describes the value of duck NFTs as collectables: they could be received for EGG tokens, bred to produce rare NFTs and assembled into sets. This model has proven successful: users are eagerly collecting digital ducks, and some of them already have collections of more than 50 NFTs. To…

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