The new section, My Farm, will enable players to use NFT ducks for collecting passive income. This tool will be especially attractive for the earliest farmers who will be able to get the highest APY.

This is what all Waves Ducks players have been waiting for! A month after the birth of the first NFT ducks, the process went full cycle, and these ducks will be able to lay EGGs for their owners. Users can already take advantage of the farming functionality on, staking their NFTs and immediately beginning to collect passive income in EGG.

How much can you…

Hi Waves community,

We are thrilled to introduce the May issue of our monthly digest, from which you’ll learn about the Waves ecosystem’s major news and updates.

May wasn’t a very good month for the crypto community. Following several months of growth, bitcoin’s exchange rate dipped, dragging with it the entire crypto sector. However, we at Waves Tech have always been focused on tech advancements and mass adoption of blockchain solutions rather than market speculation.

Therefore, despite any fluctuations in the markets, we are staying focused on our projects and products, continually improving them, adding functionalities and launching new innovative…

This article explains the EGG token’s mechanics in the Waves Ducks game, complementing the Duck Paper and sealing its status as a GRU (Governance, Reward and Utility) token with a deflationary model.

EGG was conceived as an answer to the question “duck or egg?”, primarily enabling players to hatch a new NFT character. But, as the game mechanics developed, it acquired more functions. Currently, EGG is used for farming rewards, payment for farm improvements and as the game’s governance token.

Let’s look into the specifics of its distribution and pricing.

EGG distribution

Out of the total supply of 1 mln EGG, in…

The Waves-based game for collectors of NFT ducks has already gained popularity: over 4,000 NFT ducks have been issued, while players are waiting for the release of NFT farming, a key update in the duck world, scheduled for mid-June.

Today, the project’s team is launching another major service, which will help players to increase their collections and prepare for the farming functionality launch — the NFT marketplace.

Fully built on smart contracts in the Ride language, the marketplace will facilitate auctions for exclusive NFT ducks. This functionality is already available on …

In the first week following the launch of, users issued over 3,200 duck characters, locking more than $390,000 in EGG tokens in the smart contract. The project’s team continues to improve the game mechanics, proposing a new functionality: NFT duck farming with an APY of 300% to 5,000%.

The Duck Paper describes the value of duck NFTs as collectables: they could be received for EGG tokens, bred to produce rare NFTs and assembled into sets. This model has proven successful: users are eagerly collecting digital ducks, and some of them already have collections of more than 50 NFTs. To…

It’s time for gene experiments! On, generation of unique NFT digital ducks is available thanks to the “breeding” functionality. “Newly born” ducks inherit the genes of their two parents, while a unique random combination of genes is possible, too.

Last week, an NFT duck incubator was launched as part of the Waves Duck Hunters game. Over the first 4 days, 2,000 ducks of one of the two genesis types, Elon Duck and Satoshi Duck, were issued. This update facilitates the “breeding” of these ducks to produce new-generation ducks with a higher degree of uniqueness!

To “breed” an NFT duck…

Duck season is open! As of today, users can swap their EGG tokens for the Duck Hunters game’s genesis ducks on Under a formula described in the Ducks Improvement Proposal, one NFT duck will cost 1 EGG for the first users.

At the early stage, an EGG holder will be able to get one of the two genesis ducks, Elon Duck or Satoshi Duck, in one of the four background colors. A digital duck will be generated in the form of a non-fungible token (NFT). It could be stored in the Duck Wallet and be used for “breeding” to…

Just over a month has passed since the launch of the Duck Hunters game. Over 5,000 active community members have joined the game, and feedback has been collected, which is especially valuable on the run-up to the release of an incubator that will enable swapping EGG tokens for duck NFT images.

The concept, described in the Duck Paper, has proven viable. But a weak spot has been discovered in it, which is the EGG tokenomics. As previously announced, out of 1 million issued tokens, only 200,000 have been allocated for distribution in the project’s first year. Given that only 50,000…

Hi Waves community,

We are releasing the April issue of our monthly digest at a time when Waves Tech is moving confidently towards achieving its goals outlined in last month’s roadmap.

The WAVES token has recently seen an all-time high, while all Waves products and projects have good news to report.

In this issue, you’ll read about new major milestones achieved by projects in the Waves ecosystem, as well as about our recent efforts aimed at informing and incentivizing the awesome Waves community. You’ll also learn about new utility options in Waves-based products that pave the way for mass adoption.

Duck Hunters is a game with elements of a loyalty program that motivates the community to promote the Waves ecosystem and collect unique digital ducks in the NFT form.

The concept describes the architecture of an incentive system for participants of the crypto community based on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — unique items, property rights to which are immutably stated on the blockchain. The game enables users to create their own NFTs of duck digital images, using EGG tokens, and “breed” them with a chance of getting a unique item.


- A total of 1 million EGG tokens will be…

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