Hi Waves community,

We are releasing the April issue of our monthly digest at a time when Waves Tech is moving confidently towards achieving its goals outlined in last month’s roadmap.

The WAVES token has recently seen an all-time high, while all Waves products and projects have good news to report.

In this issue, you’ll read about new major milestones achieved by projects in the Waves ecosystem, as well as about our recent efforts aimed at informing and incentivizing the awesome Waves community. You’ll also learn about new utility options in Waves-based products that pave the way for mass adoption.

Duck Hunters is a game with elements of a loyalty program that motivates the community to promote the Waves ecosystem and collect unique digital ducks in the NFT form.

The concept describes the architecture of an incentive system for participants of the crypto community based on NFTs (non-fungible tokens) — unique items, property rights to which are immutably stated on the blockchain. The game enables users to create their own NFTs of duck digital images, using EGG tokens, and “breed” them with a chance of getting a unique item.


- A total of 1 million EGG tokens will be…

In this post, we’ll use a fictional example to explain the details of the recently launched community incentive game Duck Hunters.

Last week, we inaugurated Duck Hunters, a game aimed to incentivize the Waves community and centered on digital ducks. We have received many questions regarding the game’s specifics and, to answer them, we’re offering you a fictional example.

Please, note that all actions, duck images and numbers below are fictional and used only to illustrate the game’s mechanics.

Stage 1

Bob, a fictional character, retweets Waves Tech’s tweet and receives an EGG token as a reward.

Stage 2


Hi Waves community,

We are excited to introduce the March issue of our monthly digest, which is quite special because we are releasing it on the day of Waves’ fifth anniversary.

Over these five years, Waves has gone from a small startup focused on then totally new distributed ledger technology to a major player in the global blockchain industry. Currently, Waves is a powerful ecosystem featuring a range of projects and products that attract numerous users and an active and loyal community across the globe.

In this issue, we’ll share our main achievements over the last few weeks. Meanwhile, far…

Duck Hunters is a game mechanic combining NFT collectables and yield farming, developed for active participants in the Waves ecosystem.

Several times a week, assignments will be published in the group for completion of which users will receive EGG tokens. A user who has collected enough EGG tokens will be able to exchange them for a duck in the form of NFT. By collecting and breeding ducks, users will be able to create a rare one, which is more likely to be bought by the sponsor (Waves) in a weekly buyback.

The product’s roadmap:


- EGG airdrop to active…

On April 1, Waves founder Sasha Ivanov did a Telegram AMA session, largely focused on Waves’ recently revealed roadmap. This post summarizes the AMA session’s main points.

The first stage of Waves’ roadmap will be focused on boosting liquidity with a goal of achieving a TVL of $10 billion by September-October 2021. And one of the ways to attract more liquidity will be the launch of a landing platform, Sasha said, answering a question.

“The DeFi space currently has two major parts, swap pools and lending pools,” he explained. “We already have [the AMM service] Swop.fi, …

Hi Waves community,

We are excited to introduce the February issue of our monthly digest, from which you’ll learn about the Waves ecosystem’s major news and updates.

In this issue, we’ll pay special attention to DeFi. Five years ago, when Waves was created, it was hard to predict in what directions the blockchain industry would go. Decentralized finance (DeFi), as we know it today, was still in formative stages, and many DeFi tools were not yet even invented, let alone widely used.

However, Wave’s approach towards developing its blockchain has always been focused on high throughput and low fees. …

In this article, Vladimir Zhuravlev, Waves developer advocate, explains the use of the Waves ecosystem’s wallets on Swop.fi.

Wallets play a major role in the blockchain space. You need them not only for crypto storage, but also for token transfers and swaps, as well as for interaction with decentralized applications (dApps). Similarly, to use Swop.fi, a DeFi app built on Waves, a user needs to connect their wallet using a respective button.

In this post, Inal Kardanov, Waves development advocate, offers a comparative table of most popular yield farming options.

Over the past year, yield farming has become a hot topic, introducing many new users to decentralized finance (DeFi) and offering them new earning options.

During a recent YouTube stream, me and a few colleagues and experts discussed various aspects of yield farming. Now, it’s time to share our findings with you in the form of a comparative table, featuring information on yield farming options in various blockchains, including Waves, Binance Smart Chain and Curve.

What is yield farming?

Yield farming is the practice of staking…

This article by Inal Kardanov, Waves development advocate, will help you make sense of a new token on Swop.fi, USDC, and start earning on it.

Recently, a second stablecoin pair after USDT/USDN has become available on Swop.fi — USDC/USDN.

I think many of the readers are already familiar with USDN, a stablecoin on the Neutrino protocol available in many pairs on Swop.fi. Just like USDN, USDC has a 1:1 peg to USD. But, unlike USDN, this token, issued on the Ethereum blockchain by Circle and Coinbase, is centralized.

USDC is available in the Waves network thanks to Waves.Exchange gateways. Therefore…

Waves Tech

Waves Tech is a powerful blockchain-agnostic ecosystem focused on inter-chain DeFi, the embodiment of technological freedom for blockchain-based finance.

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